PoemTown Placement Guide 2023

2023 PoemTown Poem Locations

Randolph Village Laundromat
Darkness – Sandy Edmonds
Downstairs Apartment – Nancy Hewitt
Thank you for your service – Ina Anderson
Vernal Hues – Wilma Ann Johnson

Chandler Center for the Arts
Porch Harp – Peter Thompson
On Hearing a Harp – Janet Watton

Kimball Public Library
Knowledge – Sam Hewitt

Randolph House
Warm furniture – Lava Mueller
Eighth Great grandmother – M. Underwood

SuperSuds Laundromat
Cottage commandments – Peggy Brightman
In Answer to Question Two – Betsy Unger
The Commute – Wilma Ann Johnson

Gear House
On the White River – Bruce Coffin

Wee Bird Bagel Café
Writer’s Manual – N.G. Haiduck
Aaah, The Taste of a Maple Smoothie – Laurie Rosen

The White River Valley Herald
Decades Haikus – Christina Strong

Fisher Auto Parts
Big Green Truck – Timothy Eberhardt
Memorial Day – Beverly Breen
Elegant Demise – Andrea Rogers
Pentimento – Peggy Brightman
When I Hear the News – J.Jodan Dann
Winter – Abbie Messier
With Eyes Open – Sarah Dickenson Snyder
At the New Jersey Shore with Psalm 139 – Jeanne Ward

Tacocat Cantina
Love Song – Leanne Hoppe

Root Floral
It’s April and I’ve No Desire to Plant Pansies – Laurie Rosen
Covert – Cynthia Liepmann

Vermont Computing
History is Patient – Christina Strong
Sonnet Pro Patria – Nietzsche Danann Egelanaard

Red Door Jewelers
Mending – Betsy Unger

Kuya’s at One Main
A Simple Gesture – Andrea Rogers
Perspective – N. G. Haiduck
Spaces – Sue Alenick
Wild Atlantic Way – Danny Dover

Windy Lane Bakehouse
For James Baldwin – Gina Logan
Grilled corn – Jeff Bernstein
Winged messengers in no particular hurry – Jeff Bernstein
The Blue Satchel – Barbara Stearns

Third Branch Pottery
Hunter Gatherer – Pamela Ahlen
War Town Villanelle – Krikmöklet Egelanaard

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust
Christmas Photographs – Sandra Maccarrone
A Time To Reckon – Jo Bower
Pond Song – Janet Watton
It’s complicated – Gus Speth
The Grands – Deb Franzoni
I Am Poor – Krikmöklet Egelanaard

Frankenburg Agency
Inheritance – J. Jordan Dann

Ken’s Barbershop
The Duke – Sandra Stillman Gartner

Dubois and King
The Lesson – Deb Franzoni
Shadow – Phil Montenegro
To My Masseuse – Marjorie Ryerson
Holding the Weather Hostage – Kiev Rattee

Moon on Main
At the Summit of Nebraska Notch – Julie Cadwallader Staub

Northfield Savings Bank
East Woods Reverie – Bobbe Pennington
Learning – Sarah Dickenson Snyder
Hope and the Lengthening Light – Ramsey Papp
Sky Furniture – Ina Anderson
Seneca Falls – Ren Dillon

Wilson Tire
Lauds – Judy Crocker

Randolph Coal and Oil
(re)making Memory: fossil hunt, isle la mott – Anne Bergeron

Bob’s M and M
Hometown – Douglas K. Currier

Chefs Market
Apostrophe – Ren Dillon
Up – Rose Loving

Storm Coming – Julie Cadwallader Staub
Vermont Neighbors – V Charleigh Robillard
Life, the Great Clinical Trial – Cynthia Liepmann
Perch Staff Identity – George Murphy
The Prayer – Gus Speth
The Bartering Game – Stephen Morris

Heritage Real Estate
Making Do in Maine – Nancy Hewitt

802 Pizza
The Pebble – Rose Loving
Mannequin – Phil Montenegro
Sentences You Began Years Ago – Kim Ward

The Playhouse
Autumn Reveal – Jo Bower
Everything I Need – Micki Colbeck
Snowy Day – Ann Cooper
The Tracks in This Morning’s Snow – Gina Logan

Beacon Printing
Moonrise. – Thelma Thompson

Randolph Regional Veterinary Hospital
Morning Greeting – Becky McMeekin
Farther Away – Ruby Cassidy
Mouse – Clifford Giffen
Oblivious – Steven Augustus
Pendulum – Hugo Liepmann

Forest Walk
In a Cabin in the Woods – Thelma Thompson
What Brooks Do – Jessie Martin
In the Garden – Licorice Finn
In the Air – JC Wayne
Ticks – Micki Colbeck
Ode Upon a Milkweed Pod – Carl Garguilo (C.)
Wanderers – Deven Valliere
Forecast – Beverly Breen

Whale Dance
Whale-wake – Deven Valliere

Poem Town Randolph 2023: Call for Submissions

Submissions are now closed for 2023

April is National Poetry Month and Poem Town Randolph is preparing to celebrate its 10th Anniversary! The Poem Town team is now soliciting original poetry submissions to be considered for publication on broadsides to be posted in windows on the streets of Randolph and along the river trail during the month of April 2023, and in the 10th Anniversary print anthology, Poem Town Randolph 2023.

Instructions for Submission:
Please follow these instructions carefully. Failure to abide by these instructions may result in automatic rejection of poems.

  • The deadline for submission is February 15, 2023.
  • Poem Town accepts submissions from poets of any age residing anywhere in Vermont.
  • One or two poems may be submitted, each poem no longer than 24 lines.
  • Type the name of the poet and town of residence at the bottom of each poem. (This information is not shared with the judges of the poems, but is helpful when the chosen poems are submitted to the designer who prepares the broadsides and the published anthology.)
  • Poems should be submitted by email to musbird@gmail.com with Poem Town 2023 in the subject line. In this email, attach each poem as a separate document, MS Word or rtf. The title of each poem should be each document’s name. No pdfs, please!
  • In the text of the email, include the poet’s contact information: name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number.
  • Do not submit poems that have previously been published elsewhere in print or online.
  • Do not submit poems that have previously been displayed in any PoemTown or PoemCity celebrations.
  • Poets without access to email should contact Janet Watton at 802-728-9402 by February 10, 2023 to request an alternate submission process.
  • Accepted poems will automatically be published in the Poem Town 2023 anthology. Poets who do not wish to have their poems published in the anthology must state this exemption in their submission email.
  • By sending work to PoemTown Randolph 2022, poets agree that PoemTown may use any poem in display, in promotional materials, and in associated online, print and other media. Poets will be credited for their work in all places their poems appear.