Upcoming PoemTown 2024 Events

7 PM start for all April events

Wednesday, March 20 – Kimball Library Open Mic

Friday, April 5  – Kimball Library – VT Poets – Hatsy McGraw, Gus Speth

Thursday, April 11 – Poetry and Music with dessert – Esther Mesh Room – Aaron Marcus and Sam Sanders

Thursday, April 18 – White River Craft Center Open Mic

Saturday, April 27 – Silloway Maple Sugar House, Farmer Poets – Taylor Katz, Phillip Mulligan 

Taylor Katz

Taylor Mardis Katz is a poet, herb farmer, and shopkeeper living in Chelsea, VT. A native of New York, she moved to San Diego for three years to study poetry before moving to Vermont with her partner to start Free Verse Farm. She has worked on farms in Costa Rica, San Diego, and France, and for years she worked as a poet for hire, writing poems for strangers who found her on the internet. She is currently submitting her first manuscript, titled Honeymeadow, and estimates that during the winter months, her body is comprised of 30% Vermont cheddar.

Phillip Mulligan

Phillip Mulligan’s poetry circles the need for connection with place with the search for the lightness of a bird in flight.  Born and cultivated as a farmer he left his generational home with his young family for Chelsea, Vermont where they lived for thirty-eight years with pine, a work horse, a flock of sheep and occasional chickens.  Phillip and his wife Susan now live in the city of Lebanon, NH.

PoemTown Placement Guide 2024

Buffy Aakaash  – Trillium, 24 Pleasant Street

Pamela Ahlen – The Playhouse

Susan Alenick – One Main Tap and Grill

Trish Alley – Wilson Tire

Ina Anderson – The Herald Office & Windy Lane Bakery

Steven Augustus – Fisher Auto Parts

Doreen Ballard – Sanel/Napa Auto Parts & Chef’s Market

Jeff Bernstein – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust & Vermont Computing

Anne Bower – One Main Tap and Grill

Kelly Burgess – Sanel/Napa Auto Parts

Julie Cadwallader Staub – One Main Tap and Grill

Dave Cavanagh – Trillium, 24 Pleasant Street

Mary Cheyne – Beacon Printing & Sanel/Napa Auto Parts

Bruce Coffin – Vermont Computing

Ann Cooper – Dubois & King

Judy Crocker – Dubois & King

Douglas Currier – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust 

Tilly Dalpra – The Underground Recording Studio & Randolph House

Corinne Davis – Super Suds & Wee Bird Bagel Café

Danny Dover – Sanel/Napa Auto Parts & The Playhouse

Timothy Eberhardt – Fisher Auto Parts & Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Sandy Edmonds – The Frankenburg Agency & Randolph Coal and Oil Company

Krikmöklet Egelanaard – Randolph Coal and Oil Company

Nietzsche Danaan Egelanaard – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Vivian Fransen – Fisher Auto Parts & Vermont Computing

Deb Franzoni – Chandler Center for the Arts. & Sanel/Napa Auto Parts

Marcy Frink – The Playhouse

Harriet Galfetti – Fisher Auto Parts

Sandra Stillman Gartner – Sanel/Napa

Herbert Goertz – One Main Tap and Grill & Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Clifford Griffin – Ken’s Barbershop & One Main Tap and Grill

N.G. Haiduck – The Playhouse

Neil Harrington – One Main Tap and Grill & Bar Harbor Bank and Trust. 

David Hartnett – The People’s Gallery

Mark Helijas- Fisher Auto Parts

Sam Hewitt – Beacon Printing

Joan Hoffman – Vermont Computing

Craig Hunter – Dubois & King

Wilma Johnson – Fisher Auto Parts & Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Jon Kaplan – Whale Dance, Exit 4 on I89 & The Playhouse

Cynthia Liepmann – Trillium & Red Door Jewelers

Gina Logan – Fisher Auto Parts

George Longnecker – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust & Wee Bird Bagel Café

Rose Loving – One Main Tap and Grill & Sanel/Napa Auto Parts

Gary Margolis – The Herald

Hatsy McGraw – Kimball Public Library

Rebecca McMeekin – Randolph Village Laundromat

Stephen Morris – Randolph Coal and Oil Company

George Murphy – Super Suds

Erika Nichols-Frazer – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust & Sanel/Napa Auto Parts

Bill Pendergraft – Gear House

Bobbe Pennington – Fisher Auto Parts

Elaine Pentaleri – Beacon Printing

Lynn Petrucelli – Randolph Village Laundromat

Andrea Rogers – Fisher Auto Parts & Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Barbara Rosenquest – One Main Tap and Grill

Jack Rossi – Wee Bird Bagel Café & Randolph Coal and Oil Company

Kathryn Samuelson – One Main Bar and Grill & Super Suds

Sam Sanders – One Main Tap and Grill & Chef’s Market

Hannah Silverstein – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust and Fisher Auto Parts

Sarah Dickenson Snyder – Fisher Auto Parts & Heritage Real Estate

(sb) Sowbel – The Playhouse & Bob’s M&M Beverage

Barbara Stearns – Randolph House & One Main Tap and Grill

Peter Thompson – Super Suds & Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Thelma Thompson – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust & Windy Lane Bakery

Betsy Unger – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust & Randolph Village Laundromat

Janet Watton – Fisher Auto Parts & Third Branch Pottery

Lynne Weatherill – Windy Lane Bakery & The Gear House

Sharon Webster – New Moon on Main & Dubois & King

Jessamyn West – One Main Tap and Grill

Peggy Whiteneck – Tacocat Cantina & Beacon Printing

2024 PoemTown Anthology Coming Soon

The 2024 anthology of poems is heading to the printers!

The price of the book is $15 per copy. The only way to guarantee you get a copy is to pre-order one. A small number of extra copies will be printed and available at live PoemTown events.

Books may either be mailed for a flat mailing fee of $5 or picked up at the Red Door Jewelers in Randolph on the corner of S. Main Street and Merchants Row, across the street from One Main Tap and Grill. Books picked up at Red Door must be pre-paid. Red Door will not be handling any payment for books. 

All orders are by email and must be received by April 1st. 

Send your request to Jon Kaplan at  hockeyat50@gmail.com

Be sure to indicate:

  1. How many copies you want.
  2. If you want your copies mailed or you will pick them up at Red Door Jewelers
  3. If you want them mailed to you, provide a valid mailing address.
  4. For all orders, follow up the email by sending a check made out to “RACDC” and put “2024 Poem Town Anthology” in the check memo. Note that the $5 mailing fee is the same regardless of the number of copies ordered (e.g. 1 book = $15 + $5, 2 books = $30 + $5, etc.).

For books to be picked up, they will be available after April 15th at Red Door Jewelers. 

Please send payments (by check) to:

Jon Kaplan
29 Maple Street
Randolph, VT 05060