2019 PoemTown Events

Local artist Jan Fowler
Kerrin McCadden

Monday, April 1st 6:00 – 8:00 PM:
Dinner with a Poet  –  Join poet Kerrin McCadden for dinner at the Black Krim Tavern in Randolph VT. Dinner at 6:00pm, followed by her reading at 7:00pm. Call (802) 728-6776 to make dinner reservations.

Saturday, April 6th 4 – 6 PM:
Reading at the White River Craft Center with Adeena Karasick and Maria Damon from Brooklyn NY, Mark Lamoureux from New Haven CT and local writer Joan Feierabend

Wednesday, April 10 7 PM:
Three local Vermont poets read their work at Kimball Public Library in Randolph VT: Corey Cook, Anne Shivas, Carol Potter

Saturday, April 13th 4 – 6 PM:
Reading at the White River Craft Center with Gina Myers from Philadelphia and local writer Josie Carothers

Wednesday, April 17 7 PM:
Poetry Open Mic at Kimball Public Library in Randolph
Bring two or three of your poems and sign up at the door.
Light refreshments.

Saturday, April 20 7 PM:
Farmer Poets Night Three farmer poets read at the Silloway Sugar House, 1303 Boudro Rd, Randolph Center VT
Taylor Katz, Carl Russell, and Caitlin Gildrien
Sugar on snow and other light refreshments

Thursday, April 25 7 PM:
Poem Town Grand Finale: Los Lorcas — In the spirit of Federico Garcia Lorca — poets Partridge Boswell and Peter Money, along with guitarist Nat Williams, will fuse poetry and music in a passionate and surprising mash-up! Esther Mesh Room, Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph

Saturday, April 27th 4 – 6 PM:
Reading at the White River Craft Center with Jenny Grassl and Julie Thacker from Cambridge MA and local writer Gloria Smith

For questions or more information, ask Janet Wattonmusbird@gmail.com

2019 Poem Locations

Local artist Jan Fowler

River Walk
Trish Alley — Songbird Dreams
Blair Brooks — That Tuft
Corinne Davis — The Heist
Michael Farrand — Sticking to Vermont
William Graham — A Quiet Place
Brook Herter James — At the Edge
Wilma Ann Johnson — persistent tapping
Jonathan Root — Blink
Shannon Trigos — Pockets of Heaven to Be Glimpsed

Randolph Village Laundromat75 North Main Street
Genevieve Bronk — The Aloe Plant in the Doctor’s Office
Gus Speth — What He Could Have Done

Chandler Music Hall 71-73 North Main Street
Hatsy McGraw — Best Dancer
Janet Watton — The Harp Player

Kimball Public Library67 North Main Street
Bonnie Beck — For Mary Oliver
Yvonne Daly — The Most Detailed Map
Rebecca McMeekin — Middle School Science
Andrea Rogers — Lament
Christina Strong — Meditations on Resolutions

Randolph House65 North Main Street
Bonnie Beck — My Dad’s Handkerchief
Nancy Vandenburgh — Step Out

Super Suds Laundromat10 Pleasant Street
Peter Dregallo — Filling Voids
Becky Farmer — Quandary
Wilma Ann Johnson — Oh, what a morning!

Green Light Café22 Pleasant Street
Steve Augustus — Growing Older
Brook Herter James — Every Morning Now
Michelle Holder — Maybe We’re All Saints
Geza Tatrallyay — I often wonder when I see …

Trillium24 Pleasant Street
Anne Bower — For my Tai Chi colleagues
Cynthia Liepmann — Half Mast

The Herald30 Pleasant Street
Anne Bakeman — Dryocopus pileatus
Judy Crocker — Grammar Lessons
Dick Drysdale — Mahatma

Vermont Computing 23 Merchants Row
Carl Garguilo — Digital Deletes
Hatsy McGraw — Imbolc

The Black Krim Tavern 21 Merchants Row
Melanie Adams — A Hard Day

Sidewalk Florist19 Merchants Row
Yvonne Daly — Spring Vigil
Michelle Holder — February

The Red Door20 Merchants Row
Genevieve Bronk — Lavender
Tom Martin — coincidence

Flats Tatooing of Vermont18 Merchants Row
Brook Herter James — Route 90 Westbound

Fisher Auto Parts10 Merchants Row
Melanie Adams — Rusty Nail
Roderick Bates — After the Rapture
Audrey Boerum — The Iron Cat
Anne Bower — November storm
Judy Crocker — Japanese Beetles
George Murphy — Days
George Murphy — Blood
George Murphy — Past
Jack Rossi — Letting Go
Heather Steliga — Tribute to a Victorious Vermonter

One Main Tap & Grill2 Merchants Row
Laura Foley — Flowers in a Ball Jar
Debby Franzoni — At the Downtown Diner
Gina Logan — The Haitian Workers in the Thruway Cafeteria
Janet Watton — Spring

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust 21 North Main Street
Steve Augustus — Catch Her Breath
Jeff Bernstein — My Scientific Submission Process
Rebecca McMeekin — Saltwater Farm, September
Judy Crocker — The Morning I Chose Not to Listen to NPR
Nancy Hewitt — Morning After First Frost
George Longenecker — Summer Lingered
Jack Mayer — God Particle
Janet Watton — Perfection

Ken’s Barbershop33 North Main Street
Gina Logan — The Tracks in this Morning’s Snow

The Frankenburg Agency35 North Main Street
Deb Chadwick — Peaceful

Bethany Church Office29 North Main Street
James Barrett — Rachel
Lindy Sayward — Saving Earth
Jim Schley — Dumbstruck

DuBois & King28 North Main Street
Bonnie Beck — Rolling Rock
Jack Mayer — In Memoriam — SVEA Camp Stove
Verandah Porche — These Are Just to Say
Marshall Witten — Late April

Blue Moon6 North Main Street
Ina Anderson — My Mother’s Purse
Nancy Hewitt — Chanel No. 5

Northfield Savings Bank2 North Main Street
Peter Fernandez — Detoxification Unit 17, B-Wing
Debby Franzoni — And It Was Her Favorite
Nancy Hewitt — Lesion
Verandah Porche — True Haiku: 01.02
Shannon Trigos — When You Go Away

East Garden – 3 Salisbury Street
Pamela Ahlen — At the Botanic Garden in Claremont, CA

Wilson Tire – 5 Salisbury Street
Tom Martin — Nervous

Randolph Municipal Building7 Summer Street
Genevieve Bronk — The Coach
Doreen Guillette — Wisdom of a Maple Tree
Janet Hayward Burnham — Over the Top
Sandra Maccarrone — February

Randolph Coal & Oil8 Salisbury Street
Jack Mayer — BLOOD — House-call on the Canadian border
Verandah Porche — So Long, L. Cohen

Randolph Police Station6 Salisbury Street
Roderick Bates — The Art of the Relationship

Bob’s M&M Beverage4 Salisbury Street
Carl Garguilo — To Each

Chef’s Market 2 Salisbury Street
Jeff Bernstein — Winter Market
Elissa Doering — Before the Neighborhood Wakes
Judith Hishikawa — Strawberry Moments
Rebecca McMeekin — Catching the Light

StagecoachDepot Square
Yvonne Daly — Travelling

NAPA / Randolph Auto Supply3 South Main Street
Pamela Ahlen — You take the Moto Guzzi for a ride
Roderick Bates — Coldest Thanksgiving on Record
Ann Cooper — Driving North
Tim Eberhardt — My Father Always Said
Jenny Rossi — The War is Never Over

Heritage Real Estate 10 South Main Street
Steven Yaskell — The Dog Mountains

The Playhouse11 South Main Street
Jeff Bernstein — Popping Corn on the Interstate

Beacon Printing 18 South Main Street
Anne Bergeron — For My Father
Audrey Boerum — A Poet Is ….

Curves – 12½ South Main Street
Barbara Stearns — 90+

Al’s Pizza12 South Main Street
Lukina Andreyev — And I Lost Me
Audrey Boerum — I Declare My Coronation
Carl Garguilo — Angels
Shannon Trigos — Warm Innocence

Former Verizon Buildingcorner of Main Street and Merchants Row
Anne Bower —- Mt. Ascutney
Ann Cooper — Man’s Fate
Tim Eberhardt — A Hospital Death
Emerson Gale — Winter Garden
Michelle Holder — Pit Stop Near the Boofy Quimby Memorial Center
Cynthia Liepmann — Time
Julie Longstreth — Osteo-dendrochronology

Randolph Regional Veterinary Hospital86 Dylan Drive
Debby Franzoni — Snapshot
Jack Rossi — Luna (Please Leave The Cat Downstairs Tonight, Dear)
Susan Shea — Missing Marmalade
Bonnie Watters — Silvio Loves His Stones

2019 Poets Bios

Local artist Jan Fowler

Josie Carothers has always lived in a world of words. Life is so fascinating, what better way to live it than to describe it? Leaving behind a life of environmental jobs, activism and advocacy, and the raising of pigs, chickens and children, she is now what she calls a “post-professional,” living with her mate and writing, gardening and dwelling in Vermont, all for her own pleasure. She mines the life of a revolutionary in the 60’s, a free-thinker in the 70’s and beyond, and the inheritor of vast and deep family stories for her material.

Caitlin Gildrien is a writer, graphic designer, and erstwhile farmer living at the feet of the Green Mountains. Her work has recently appeared in Rattle, the Hopper, the Rumpus, Intima, Rise Up Review, and Poets Reading the News. Find her at www.cattailcreative.com and @cattail_caitlin. 

Corey D. Cook’s fifth collection of poems, The Weight of Shadows, was released in January (2019) by Finishing Line Press. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in the Aurorean, Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Brevities, Chiron Review, Freshwater, and Northern New England Review. Corey edits Red Eft Review and lives in Thetford Center, Vermont. 

Maria Damon teaches in the Writing Department and in the Department of Humanities and Media Studies at the Pratt Institute of Art. She is the author of several books of poetry scholarship and co-author of several books of poetry.

Joan Feierabend: I am a visual artist who likes to write fiction to try and fathom facts. I live in East Randolph and have written for as long as I can remember.

Jenny Grassl was raised in Pennsylvania, and now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her poems appeared most recently in the Boston Review annual poetry contest, runner-up prize selected by Mary Jo Bang, also in the anthology: Humanagerie, Eibonvale Press, UK, Ocean State Review, Rogue Agent and Phantom Drift. Her poems are forthcoming in: Rhino Poetry, Radar Poetry, and Massachusetts Review.

Adeena Karasick is a New York based Canadian poet, performer, cultural theorist and media artist and the author of ten books of poetry and poetics. Her Kabbalistically inflected, urban, Jewish feminist mashups have been described as “electricity in language” (Nicole Brossard), “proto-ecstatic jet-propulsive word torsion” (George Quasha), noted for their “cross-fertilization of punning and knowing, theatre and theory” (Charles Bernstein) “a twined virtuosity of mind and ear which leaves the reader deliciously lost in Karasick’s signature ‘syllabic labyrinth’” (Craig Dworkin); “one long dithyramb of desire, a seven-veiled dance of seduction that celebrates the tangles, convolutions, and ecstacies of unbridled sexuality… demonstrating how desire flows through language, an unstoppable flood of allusion (both literary and pop-cultural), word-play, and extravagant and outrageous sound-work.” (Mark Scroggins). Most recently is Checking In (Talonbooks, 2018) and Salomé: Woman of Valor (University of Padova Press, Italy, 2017), the libretto for her Spoken Word opera co-created with Grammy award winning composer, Sir Frank London. She teaches Literature and Critical Theory for the Humanities and Media Studies Dept. at Pratt Institute, is Poetry Editor for Explorations in Media Ecology, 2018 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Award recipient and winner of the 2016 Voce Donna Italia award for her contributions to feminist thinking and 2018 winner of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. The “Adeena Karasick Archive” is established at Special Collections, Simon Fraser University.

Taylor Mardis Katz is a poet, farmer, and freelancer from Chelsea, VT. With her husband, she runs Free Verse Farm & Apothecary, an herb farm specializing in growing ingredients for their ever-expanding line of herbal tea blends, culinary blends, and herbal remedies and body care products, which are available locally as well as online. Taylor also works as a poet for hire, writing poems for both businesses and individuals.

Mark Lamoureux is an Assistant Professor at Housatonic Community College. He is the author of four full-length collections of poems, It’ll Never Be Over for Me (Black Radish Books, 2016) 29 Cheeseburgers + 39 Years (Pressed Wafer, 2013), Spectre (Black Radish Books, 2010) and Astrometry Organon (BlazeVox, 2008). A fifth book, Horologion, is forthcoming from Poet Republik, Ltd. in 2019. His work has most recently appeared in Fence, Dream Pop and Fourteen Hills. In 2014 he won the 2nd Annual Ping Pong Poetry prize for his poem “Winterhenge/Summerhenge,” selected by David Shapiro.

Gina Myers is the author of two full-length poetry collections, A Model Year (2009) and Hold It Down (2013), as well as several chapbooks, including most recently Philadelphia (Barrelhouse, 2017). In addition to poetry, she has published numerous essays, reviews, and articles for a variety of publications, including Hyperallergic, Frontier Psychiatrist, Fanzine, The Rumpus, and The Poetry Project Newsletter, among other places. Originally from Saginaw, MI, she now lives in Philadelphia, PA, where she works as a web content writer and social media specialist, co-edits the tiny with Gabriella Torres, and runs the Accidental Player reading series. Learn more at gina-myers.org.

Carol Potter is the 2014 winner of the Field Poetry Prize from Oberlin College Press for her fifth book of poems, Some Slow Bees.  Other awards include the 1998 Cleveland State Poetry Center award for her book, The Short History of Pets, and the Balcones award as well as a Pushcart Award and residencies at Yaddo, MacDowell, The Fundacion Valparaiso and Millay Colony of the Arts. Publications include poems in The American Poetry ReviewPoetryThe Green Mountains ReviewHotel Amerika, Sinister WisdomThe Kenyon ReviewHayden’s Ferry, The Massachusetts Review,  The Los Angeles ReviewPoet Lore,  River Styx and the anthology of contemporary Vermont poetry, Roads Taken

Kerrin McCadden

Kerrin McCadden is the author of Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes, winner of the Vermont Book Award and the New Issues Poetry Prize. She is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship, a Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, and the Sustainable Arts Foundation Writing Award. Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Best American Poetry, The Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day series, American Poetry ReviewBeloit Poetry JournalPloughshares, Prairie Schooner, and Rattle. She is associate director of the Conference on Poetry and Teaching at The Frost Place and teaches at Montpelier High School. She lives in South Burlington, Vermont.

Carl B. Russell and his wife Lisa McCrory own and operate Earthwise Farm & Forest in Bethel, VT, where they raise organic vegetables and grass fed livestock, use draft animals for logging and field work, and offer workshops on skills for sustainable livelihoods. Carl has operated Russell Forestry Services since 1986, specializing in ecological forestry and low-impact timber harvest with draft animals. Carl’s work with horses and oxen, and other land-based enterprises, provides a broad foundation for personal creativity. From time to time it moves him to share his observations through little bits of written imagery. 

Anne Shivas grew up in Scotland. She worked there as a teacher, then did graduate studies in philosophy of education, aesthetics, and dance in London. She has an MFA in poetry from Drew University, where she has been a guest-lecturer. She teaches the Alexander Technique and leads Osher classes in Scottish poetry and literature. Her poems have been published in the USA, Scotland, Israel and New Zealand. Her first poetry collection, Whit Grace, was published in 2017. Her poem “An Old Woman Cooking Eggs” was chosen as one of the 20 Best Scottish Poems of 2017. She lives in Norwich, VT.

Gloria Smith: I am a born and raised Vermonter, recently retired nurse, as well as an artist and writer. I live in Braintree, Vermont. I have written for my own amusement and pleasure for years, now I am sharing my writing with others, be it good or bad. I prefer nonfiction, life is just too amazing to make this stuff up.

Twice a fellow at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Julia Thacker has also held fellowships from The Bunting Institute at Radcliffe and The National Endowment for the Arts. Her poems and stories have appeared in AGNI, The Boston Globe Magazine, Little Star, The Missouri Review Online, New Directions and others. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2019 Call for Submissions

PoemTown Randolph organizers invite Vermont poets of all ages to submit their original poems as the centerpiece of its 6th annual celebration during National Poetry Month. Throughout the month of April, posters of selected poems will be displayed in the main windows and doors of businesses, churches, and organizations in Randolph.

Poets are welcome to submit up to three original poems for consideration, no longer than 24 lines each. Please send 1-3 original poems as MS Word attachments to musbird@gmail.com. In the text of an email, include your contact information (name, mailing address, email address and telephone number). Then attach each poem separately with the title of the poem as the document name and no identifying information other than the poem’s title on each document. The submission deadline is February 4.

Please do not submit any work that has been previously displayed in any PoemTown or PoemCity celebrations, nor any poems that have previously appeared in print anywhere else.

By sending work to PoemTown 2019, poets agree that PoemTown may use any poem in display, in promotional materials, and in associated online, print and other media. Poets will, of course, be credited for their work in all places their poems appear.

In addition to displayed poems, PoemTown organizers are planning special poetry events throughout April, including dinner with poet Kerrin McCadden at the Black Krim, an open mic night, Saturday afternoons at the White River Craft Center with local and out of town guests, an evening featuring local published poets, a night of “farmers’ poetry” at Silloways’ Sugarhouse, and a special event with Los Lorcas at Chandler. Details will be posted soon!