PoemTown Placement Guide 2023

2023 PoemTown Poem Locations

Randolph Village Laundromat
Darkness – Sandy Edmonds
Downstairs Apartment – Nancy Hewitt
Thank you for your service – Ina Anderson
Vernal Hues – Wilma Ann Johnson

Chandler Center for the Arts
Porch Harp – Peter Thompson
On Hearing a Harp – Janet Watton

Kimball Public Library
Knowledge – Sam Hewitt

Randolph House
Warm furniture – Lava Mueller
Eighth Great grandmother – M. Underwood

SuperSuds Laundromat
Cottage commandments – Peggy Brightman
In Answer to Question Two – Betsy Unger
The Commute – Wilma Ann Johnson

Gear House
On the White River – Bruce Coffin

Wee Bird Bagel Café
Writer’s Manual – N.G. Haiduck
Aaah, The Taste of a Maple Smoothie – Laurie Rosen

The White River Valley Herald
Decades Haikus – Christina Strong

Fisher Auto Parts
Big Green Truck – Timothy Eberhardt
Memorial Day – Beverly Breen
Elegant Demise – Andrea Rogers
Pentimento – Peggy Brightman
When I Hear the News – J.Jodan Dann
Winter – Abbie Messier
With Eyes Open – Sarah Dickenson Snyder
At the New Jersey Shore with Psalm 139 – Jeanne Ward

Tacocat Cantina
Love Song – Leanne Hoppe

Root Floral
It’s April and I’ve No Desire to Plant Pansies – Laurie Rosen
Covert – Cynthia Liepmann

Vermont Computing
History is Patient – Christina Strong
Sonnet Pro Patria – Nietzsche Danann Egelanaard

Red Door Jewelers
Mending – Betsy Unger

Kuya’s at One Main
A Simple Gesture – Andrea Rogers
Perspective – N. G. Haiduck
Spaces – Sue Alenick
Wild Atlantic Way – Danny Dover

Windy Lane Bakehouse
For James Baldwin – Gina Logan
Grilled corn – Jeff Bernstein
Winged messengers in no particular hurry – Jeff Bernstein
The Blue Satchel – Barbara Stearns

Third Branch Pottery
Hunter Gatherer – Pamela Ahlen
War Town Villanelle – Krikmöklet Egelanaard

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust
Christmas Photographs – Sandra Maccarrone
A Time To Reckon – Jo Bower
Pond Song – Janet Watton
It’s complicated – Gus Speth
The Grands – Deb Franzoni
I Am Poor – Krikmöklet Egelanaard

Frankenburg Agency
Inheritance – J. Jordan Dann

Ken’s Barbershop
The Duke – Sandra Stillman Gartner

Dubois and King
The Lesson – Deb Franzoni
Shadow – Phil Montenegro
To My Masseuse – Marjorie Ryerson
Holding the Weather Hostage – Kiev Rattee

Moon on Main
At the Summit of Nebraska Notch – Julie Cadwallader Staub

Northfield Savings Bank
East Woods Reverie – Bobbe Pennington
Learning – Sarah Dickenson Snyder
Hope and the Lengthening Light – Ramsey Papp
Sky Furniture – Ina Anderson
Seneca Falls – Ren Dillon

Wilson Tire
Lauds – Judy Crocker

Randolph Coal and Oil
(re)making Memory: fossil hunt, isle la mott – Anne Bergeron

Bob’s M and M
Hometown – Douglas K. Currier

Chefs Market
Apostrophe – Ren Dillon
Up – Rose Loving

Storm Coming – Julie Cadwallader Staub
Vermont Neighbors – V Charleigh Robillard
Life, the Great Clinical Trial – Cynthia Liepmann
Perch Staff Identity – George Murphy
The Prayer – Gus Speth
The Bartering Game – Stephen Morris

Heritage Real Estate
Making Do in Maine – Nancy Hewitt

802 Pizza
The Pebble – Rose Loving
Mannequin – Phil Montenegro
Sentences You Began Years Ago – Kim Ward

The Playhouse
Autumn Reveal – Jo Bower
Everything I Need – Micki Colbeck
Snowy Day – Ann Cooper
The Tracks in This Morning’s Snow – Gina Logan

Beacon Printing
Moonrise. – Thelma Thompson

Randolph Regional Veterinary Hospital
Morning Greeting – Becky McMeekin
Farther Away – Ruby Cassidy
Mouse – Clifford Giffen
Oblivious – Steven Augustus
Pendulum – Hugo Liepmann

Forest Walk
In a Cabin in the Woods – Thelma Thompson
What Brooks Do – Jessie Martin
In the Garden – Licorice Finn
In the Air – JC Wayne
Ticks – Micki Colbeck
Ode Upon a Milkweed Pod – Carl Garguilo (C.)
Wanderers – Deven Valliere
Forecast – Beverly Breen

Whale Dance
Whale-wake – Deven Valliere